Sunday, December 21, 2008

If U missed it, I warrrrned U... :o)~

Word on the street is last night was probably one of Banky W's top 3 performances... maybe the best, ever. Not to mention incredible performances by Timi, GT the Guitarman, Tosin Martins, Etcetera, Jay Martins, Yinka Davies, MI, Oladele and Eldee the Don.... while DJ Humility and DJ Zimo ripped it on the 1's and 2's

If u missed it, I warrrrned u :o)~

Just wanted to say a BIG thank u to everyone that came out and made last night special. It's almost 10am and I'm still overcome with gratitude...

Special shouts out to the EME family, X3M music, and Storm Records.

In no particular order (pls forgive me if i leave out ur name but I'm still hungover), thank you to Segun and Tunde Demuren (the Demuren brothers - don't blame me blame ur manager) Lamii Opere, Steve Babaeko, Noble Igwe, Obi Asika & Tola Odunsi, Tosyn Bucknor & the entire Unruly Family, Lanre Lawal, Bolaji Salami, Nelson Ononiwu, Ajibola, Dotun & the entire Swe Bar Family, Louise & Oona Priddy & the new and improved Bacchus family, Ruby Dabbour & the Caliente family, Mayowa from Bacchus, Gbenga, Ahmed & the Penthouse/Suite 18 Family, Protea Hotels, Asa Asika, DJ Humility, Bizzle, Chocolate City Records, Don Family Records, Trybe Records, Cecil Hammond, Salt of The Earth Band, Bobby Taylor, Cloth Sense (for making me look so damn fly), Etisalat, Cadbury, Amplifyd Records, NEA, Underdarock, Seun O, Yetunde Babaeko & Camara Studios, Babs Familuyi. The whole Silverbird - Rhythm family, The whole Cool fm family, Hip on TV, Nigezie, Sound city, Super Screen, Monster Music, Genevieve, and every media personality that found the precious time to spend with us.

Thank you to all my past, present and future Kele's for inspiring a lot of what I write, and for showing up to show love and support me. Thank you to all my aburo's and egbon's from Ebute Metta and beyond.

I'm forever grateful. This will hopefully be the first of huge things to come.

From all of us to you, have a merry christmas, a happy, blessed, successful new year, and we wish for u everything you wish for yourself and so much more.

God bless,
~ B.W.

PS: I mayyyy have forgotten to write about the show on my blog here on blogspot... sooo I'm sorry, don't hold it against me. I try to keep up with everything walahi talahi. I'm Mr capable but I'm still human :o)~
Love y'all, shout out to the bloggers I met last night. Much love. Catch y'all next time.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween in Lagos...

I used to live in New York City - shout out to all my new yorkers, much luv - anywho, I lived in a very "suburban" part of the Bronx. Sounds like an oxymoron, i know, u don't think of Suburbs when u think Bronx, but it's true. Look up "throgsneck" whenever u get a sec. Well in my neighborhood, halloween was big with the kids. They'd all dress up in their lil' costumes and come trick-or-treating...

Which was all well and good, cuz I'm a sucker for kids; like they'd all have me wrapped around their lil' fingers. So I'd go out and blow a ton of cash on wayyy too much candy, in preparation for when they'd stop by. The only problem is I'd blow through my candy supplies during the first hour because I'd just be pouring it into their containers, instead of managing it well. So the kids that show up during that first hour would looooove me. True story one kid actually said "WOW I love you mister!!!!". But then I'd run out of candy cuz I'd give away too much too fast, then I'd shut off all the lights in my apartment and hide from the rest of the kids in the neighborhood that came later :o)~

That's my halloween story. I know the christian arguments about the spirituality of halloween; momsie raised us to believe it's a demonic/devilish thing and not to get involved, but all i'm saying is it's VERY hard to turn down the little ones that come for candy.

Which raises another question in my mind; mostly for those of u in the states or europe, will u dress ur kids up for the halloween thing? Is it okay to use "non-evil" costumes? As in if ur child goes as superman, that's harmless right? Or no? I'm not sure if I'll let my kids dress up for it yet or not. I guess I'll cross that bridge when the time comes.

ANYWHO - now that I'm based in Lagos Naija, I was chatting with one or two friends last week, about possible costumes for the theme parties around town.

I'm sure world wide there'll be enough Sarah Palin and Obama costumes, and I'm sure u'll have ur typical suggestive outfits like the sexy secretary, french maid, nurse, etc (which I will *never* argue with)...
U could also go as Sikirat the market woman - tie a wrapper around ur body, wear some slippers, and a head tie, carry a bucket of water on ur head and tie a babydoll to ur back.

Me personally, I don't do costumes. I know, party-pooper. Never have, probably never will. BUT if I did rock a costume in Lagos, I'd go as a LASTMA* official. Rock the complete uniform, carry a torch light and stand outside the club. Soon as u pull up I'd say "oga park well, park well".... heheheh. I know my Lagos heads feel me on that...

How about y'all? Did you/are you dressing up? And what did/would you go as?

Have a great week folks

~ B.W.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Performing tomorrow for a noteworthy cause... COME THRUUU

Hey folks...

Quick update. I'm sorry we haven't been doing the best job of keeping y'all updated on where Banky is performing, and I promise we'll do better. This is last minute, but Banky W, Rooftop MC's, and Owen Gee will all be on stage tomorrow night, Saturday the 25th for a VERY noteworthy cause. The event holds at Planet One in Ikeja Lagos, and will go from 3pm - 9pm. It'll be a great way to kick off your evening...

If you're in Lagos, roll through. All the details can be found by clicking here:

Thanx for the support. More dates/events/thoughts coming soon!!

~ B.W.

PS: I'm sorry all my Abuja folks, I'll be catering to you very soon, and it'll be very special. For now just bare with me.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

More random thoughts...

* I'm hung over. Head aches suck.

* If I was God, I wouldn't love me so much.

* Thank God I'm not Him.

* I come on facebook chat for kicks. Not to conduct business or to submit/review proposals. We might be going too far with this whole facebook phenomenon.

* I miss my family. I have a new nephew. His name is Oluwatomisin. And he's adorable. And little. It's a beautiful thing to see. Makes me want to have some kids... but I gotta get married first.

* I think I should go to my mom's village and pick a wife. It's safe to say that it'd be hard to find someone to love you for you, after you become a semi-public personality. I figure I might as well accept my fate, go to my mom's village, and pick a wife that doesn't speak much english, is fluent in efik, can cook up a storm and work magic in the bedroom. Here's to me and Ekaete doing the jangorova on the kitchen table.

* I'm hungry. My stomach is screaming for pounded yam, egusi, and goat meat. Except there's no cook, and there's no way I'm getting off of this bed, or out of this house to order food.

* Things i miss about my old apartment in no particular order: 13ft ceilings, super high powered shower, and watching the nfl.

* I'm this close to tinting my car in Lagos, cuz it's getting harder to get around without people noticing. But I've always felt a certain way about things like that... like... you should never put rims on a crappy car, ur sound system shouldn't cost more than the car, etc. Same thing goes for tints, i figure if i'm tinting a car, it should in the very least be a new range rover, or sum'n like that. But I'm more into buying new houses than new cars right now. So maybe I will go ahead and do the tints. It's either that or I drive around with a ski mask on.

* I wanna go to cape town. And Vegas.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Catch me if u can... how to find Banky W.

If u tryna get a hold of me, here's a quick rundown Banky W upcoming schedule... tune in, or come out...
Will blog later, i promise.

Monday Sep 22nd: Unilag FM 1PM with Kamal
Tuesday Sep 22nd: Unilag FM 1PM with Kamal
Wednesday Sep 24th: Rhythm 93.7 FM 8pm with Wild Child
Thursday Sep 25th: Rhythm 93.7 FM 8pm with Wild Child

Friday Sep 26th: Cadbury's Stimorol Night Party @ Reloaded Night Club... Midnight.

Tuesday Sep 30th: Live performance with P-Square and Busta Rhymes in Asaba, Delta State

Oct 10th: Performing in Abuja, for the first time, details coming soon

Oct 12th: Performing in Lagos again, details coming soon

~ B.W.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random thoughts (the politics version) and my new commercial

* If the rest of the world could vote for America's next President, Obama would win in a land slide. It'd be something like 80% or more of the vote would be in his favor. But because it's Americans voting, McCain winning would not surprise me. It just saddens me.

* This Sarah Palin chic is built of teflon. If any of the other candidates had her kind of sh*t bubbling below the radar (the trooper gate investigation, the teenage pregnancy, etc), they'd be out of the game. As in Obama would be finished; I think the same goes for Mccain and Biden. Even Hillary wouldn't withstand it. But Sarah's untouchable. Incredible.

* "President Bush's approval ratings have fallen to around 33 percent from around 80 percent after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Yet, the big message in his party's recent convention went sort of like this: Washington is messed up, so if you're looking for real change, vote for the same party that put you in this mess..." - GREAT quote from an interesting article I read today about the campaign strategies. If u wanna read it, check out,0,4802765.column

* Maybe Obama should have picked Hillary. But after the nasty primaries, I'm sorry but I wouldn't have picked her either.

* And now for some shameless self promotion... Here's the ad for a new commercial campaign I'm involved with. It's for Etisalat (the Telecomms company that's about to roll out their 0809 cellphone service in Nigeria). The song was produced by the legendary and talented Cobhams Asuquo...

The quest for world domination continues. Hope y'all like it...

~ B.W.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random thoughts...

* My parents have been married 30 years. That's a very long time...

* It's tough to be with the same person every day, for the rest of ur life. Sh*t it's tough to be with the same person a couple days in a row without a break... may God help all of us make the right life-partner choice, I know I'm gonn need serious divine intervention.

* Spent the last week and a half with my family, which was great. Turns out momma still loves me (like she has any other choice right?) Nah but, we had some really good long discussions about my life... i won't bother sharing here.

* I'm the least good-looking member of my family. And I'm okay with this. Heheh.

* It's Banky W., as in WELLINGTON. Not West, NOT Williams, or White. WELLINGTON.

* I lost my voice in frustration during the Nigerian Olympic gold soccer match... my throat hasn't been the same since. Still congratulations to the soccer team sha, they tried.

* Reviews on the new video have been very positive. Thanx to the critics too. See, constructive criticism is kool. Senseless hating is just amusing. And it's fuel for motivation.

* Hi Haters! Get comfortable cuz I'll be here for a little while.

* I'm hoping 9ice's album will help me with my Yoruba. I'm studying it very seriously.

* I need to quit eating so much rice. I eat rice in some form, every day. Jollof rice, fried rice, white rice, chinese rice... RICE. Seriously. EVERY day. And i love it. I think I need professional help, this might be an addiction. Plus momma says I need a balanced diet.

* Dark Knight was a good movie. I think I'm gonn focus on being a movie star next. Say hi to the Nigerian Will Smith, ha.

* I wish they never shut down Caliente. We liked that place a lot. Hope Ruby gets another one up and running soon...

* Cities I miss in no particular order: Jo'burg, NYC, Toronto & Montreal, London. Need to go perform again...

* If u don't have the Mr Capable album, shame on u. :o)~

~ B.W.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Don't break what's left of my heart...

" Imagine you are so in love with this person, and they are your everything, but for whatever reason, they don't believe it, or maybe they just can't handle that much love and so you say to them, "You're the only one for me, why can't you see? I knew it from the start... DON'T BREAK what's left of MY HEART" - As reviewed by Tosyn Bucknor.
Written and performed by Banky W., the video was directed Jonathan "Josh" Clarke of Re:public Media Group and features the stunning Rachel Stuart of Channel O. Enjoy the love story...

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Run Down...

Sorry I've been quiet for a while and it's been hard to reach me... it's just that I'm on such a heavy grind right now, y'all are going to have to bear with me until the album drops in Nigeria (May 2008)...

Banky W got FIVE nominations at this year's Nigerian Entertainment Awards in NYC. Best International Single (either "Till my dying day" or "A ti de" with Ayuba), Best International Album for "Mr Capable", best International music video for "Ebute Metta" and best International producer (as part of the Muzik Men production group)...

First of all, WOW. Thanx for the recognition that's craaaazy.

Secondly, Please log on to:

type in ur email address and vote for Banky in all these categories... it'd be nice to win some :o)~

Also, check out my homegirl Jojo Silla's new single "Right Here" - if u ask me this one definitely takes the phrase "make love in this club" very literally... who knew jojo had some freak in her? Listen to the song to understand what i mean:

The video for capable will finally make it's debut this week... shout out to DJ Tee.

Stay tuned folks... much love...

~ B.W.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Banky W's Top 10 reasons I may have just shaved my head :o)~

10) Wesley Snipes fan base has been ignored since his disappearance. I felt the need to personally tend to his fans.

9) Samuel L. Jackson is a bad mutha f****. I'm not him, but still...

8) I felt the ridiculous need to test India Arie's "I am not my hair" theory

7) Raul, my original legendary barber, moved back to the Dominican Republic, and I absolutely refuse to downgrade to any other barber for a fade.

6) After a spiritual crisis, I decided to become a monk. I changed my mind halfway through, but the damage had already been done.

5) I am a huge Ikechukwu fan

4) Lagos is hot as hell, this was a desperate attempt to cool down a little

3) No hair means no hair cuts, which means more time and attention can be spent on the goatee shape up, the real star of the show

2) Won a very twisted bet with the other E.M.E. board members (you should have seen what would have happened if I'd lost)

1) Michael Jordan did it and look how he turned out

Let the games begin :o)~

~ B.W.

PS: Hair, or no hair, buy my album on or on iTunes. It’s really good I promise :o)~

PPS: I'm performing this Saturday night in Brooklyn NY @ Club Genesis. Ladies if u come out I might let u rub my head in person ;o)~ If nuthin else u get to laugh at or admire the brand new me.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cop the new cd "Mr Capable" nowwww puhleeeeeeease

Hey folks,

Finally after a lot of blood, sweat and tears, the album is done and available for pre ordering NOW through Paypal. No worries cuz Paypal is as secure as it gets in terms of ordering anything online (they don't show me ur card information or anything like that)...

Anywho, if you'd like to support me by getting a copy of the album, please click on the picture below. It will take you to the Paypal website where you can preorder the record for 10 bucks, and we will ship it to you next week as soon as they arrive. I'll also be personally AUTOGRAPHING the albums to each buyer myself, so if you want that cd signed u have to preorder it. If you wait, you'll just have to get it off cd baby or iTunes, and there won't be any autographs on those ones, sorry...

So if you want it, or you just want to support me, please click on the link below and you'll have it in a week and a half.

Also, you DO NOT have to be a pay pal subscriber to buy it... just click where it says pay with your credit card (Visa, mastercard, etc) and follow the instructions. Aight folks, I'm counting on y'all to help a brotha break even.

Thanks for listening, and thanx for the support. The video for Ebute Metta will be online this week, next is the long awaited video for Capable. Now buy the cd and help me pay for all this sh*t :o)~

Love y'all
~ B.W.

Random thoughts... again...

* So some people know I had a pretty intense battle with typhoid that left me in the hospital for a while... much better now thank God. BUT the silver lining is I just discovered the world's best weight loss plan. Typhoid, ladies and gentlemen. I lost 20 lbs!!!! In like 2 weeks. Crazy. Not that I had a lot of weight to lose, but still. Someone should tell Jenny Craig. Just ship the patients to Africa, have 'em eat and drink some random ish, then bring 'em back and hope they don't die first. Works like a charm.

* Thanx to everyone that came to see me in the hospital, or wrote, or called. I appreciate it. And I definitely appreciate all the juice. Apparently people bombard u with all kinds of juice when ur sick. And I LOVE it. Juice, flowers, and candy. I have plenty.

* Giants won. I will keep reminding u New Englanders of this, forever. Seriously. This will never end. At least not until the next superbowl. Ha!

* Anybody wanna sublet my beautiful crib in the Bronx NYC? Just asking.

* I really hope Obama wins the democratic nomination (and the presidential election later). Some people think that America will not vote in a black man. I don't know, maybe they're right. But I think it's bigger than him being black. In my humble opinion he's the most refreshing, inspiring candidate, and well equipped to bring about the change we desperately need. If he was white I'd still support him and his message of hope. Watch this video and see if u don't get moved urself. It almost seems like I'm catching a glimpse of how people felt when Martin Luther King or JFK spoke... i know that's a big statement, but it's how I feel. Hopefully y'all get inspired too.

* I think Lil' Wayne is gonn kill himself at an early age. He's too drugged up. Same thing goes for Amy Winehouse. I just don't see them living long lives... they living too reckless, there's only so much a body can take... it's sad, especially because they are incredibly talented.

* My sprint pocket pc blows. I shoulda just gone with the Treo.

* My sister's all married now. Too cute. I'm very happy for her and him. I think they make a good couple... like they compliment each other with their differences. It's cute. I'm waiting for my own better half. Mrs W where u at holla at me.

* I'm going to post most of the songs from the new album "Mr. Capable" on my blog: for those of u that want to get a preview b4 u buy it. I'll also post pre-order links today. Hopefully y'all support ur boy and pick it up. It's a really, REALLY good album all around, I promise.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Yes we can...

"we've been warned against offering people of this nation false hope... but in the unlikely story that is American... there has never been anything false about hope..."

Yes We can. This post is coming like a month too late, cuz if ur not already registered to vote in the primaries chances are it's too late in ur state... but if u are, go out and let ur voice be heard.
It's easier to sit back and not do sh*t. It's easier to sit back and complain.
But u see what's going on in the world around u... u see the economy, u see the fuel prices, u see the job market, u see the wars...

Be the change u want to see in ur world. Don't leave it up to everyone else.
Start by making urself and ur vote count.

Yes We can. 'Obama 2008. I believe.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Songs on Mr. Capable...

Hey folks,

I'm back in Yank, after my almost-2-months-stint in Naija. It was fun, did a bunch of touring and promo, and will post pictures soon... heading back to naija in february after we drop the album. Speaking of which, the album Mr. Capable will be dropping on or before Valentine's Day 2008.... we're sending it off to the duplicators this week, so we'll have the info up in case anyone wants to preorder it...

For now please check out the profile and listen to some of the songs. We just added a reworked "work you out" track featuring none other than Sauce Kid.... u can try to hate if u want but his verse is fire.

More music previews will be up over the next week or two.
Thanx for listening,
~ B.W.

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