Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Backstage at the Hip Hop World Awards... thoughts and questions...

So, M.I. and I were supposed to have our first session @ the best gym in Lagos today, except it's raining, so I'm at home, bloggin instead :o)~
Since we just had a huge weekend in Abuja, I figure I'll blog on the Hip Hop World Awards and present you with my thoughts and random questions. If you would rather wait until it airs on TV, please skip this post in it's entirety.

* The awards should have been held in Lagos. Don't get me wrong, the venue was sick! The decor in the foyer is the best I've ever seen in Nigeria. And the hall was lovely. But the energy was missing in the crowd. And that's because if we'd had it in Lagos, it would have been packed full, with people who were actually happy to be there to see their favorite artistes. I love abj people don't get me wrong, but everyone in abj feels like they are vip and that they should be treated as such. And for an award show you need that CROWD factor. People that will go crazy, scream, cheer, boo...whatever... just actually REACT to what's going on.

* And if it HAD to be in Abj, shouldn't we have given out like 500-1,000 tickets on radio to ensure the hall was packed with that "CROWD" factor?

* It wasn't hip hop world's fault that it started sooooo late. There was some material that was supposed to run for the sponsors that wouldn't work, and they tried to fix that last minute b4 we could start the show. Trust me if you paid millions for the opportunity to run some ads, you wouldn't have let the show start either.

* Can anyone really argue with 9ice winning four awards? I mean, I know album of the year could easily have gone to D'banj, easily... however with the kind of year 9ice had coming out of nowhere and rising straight to the top of the music industry, didn't he deserve to have a Lauryn Hill/Alicia Keys-at-the-grammy's-type of moment where he picks up all the awards?

* Congrats and props to M.I. I truly thought he would win more than two, but two is major.

* I won one. I was honestly very mentally prepared to not win any at all. And the one I did win could have gone to Wande Coal or Darey or anyone else easily... I think that says something about the state of Naija music, R&B in particular. We're doing it.
- Sidebar... the problem with actually being surprised by winning is ur never fully prepared to give an acceptance speech. As such, you always forget someone :o( I'm sorryyyyy

* I think Omawumi stole the night. Her "thank you" after winning the "Next Rated" category was one of the most moving and memorable moments I have ever been a part of... she got down on her knees and belted out a worship song to God. Wow.

* Aren't Omawumi and Waje on some Beyonce type level with their vocals??? I mean DAYUM those girls can saaaaannnnnnnggggggggg.

* Naeto C definitely deserved Rap Single of the Year. They got that one very right.

* Tuface's entrance with the chains/bondage thing was MAJOR.

* Wasn't the Trybesmen reunion real sick?? Should these guys do a reunion record?

* I'm still salty that Big Boy didn't score a nomination. But didn't Jay martins & Co reeeeally deserve the award for Best Collabo? That "Good or Bad" song was HUUUUUGE.

* I really enjoyed the hosting job. Although what sucks is you actually miss most of the show because you're spending the entire time figuring out what you need to do next.

* Didn't Nikki Laoye totally surprise everyone by totally RIPPING her set??

* Isn't Darey a class act?? And doesn't his band ROCK? I want my own joh I'm jealous.

* Basketmouth is in a class all by himself. Julius Agwu is too. Infact, major props to Naija comedians. I mean, really. You had to have been there.

* Some presenters just shouldn't be given scripts. And some people shouldn't even be presenting.

* Truth be told, doesn't Hip Hop World get an A for effort, at least? I mean, compared to some other awards show that was held late last year, whose name we shall not mention... didn't they really try to do a good job in accommodating and transporting as many people as possible, with probably half the budget of that other show?? I'm just saying. If I recall, that other show didn't give a rats ass about our industry. Just a handful of people. Can we call a spade a spade or is that ruffling too many feathers...

* Wouldn't you deem this 2009 a show a success? I thought it was great. But I could be biased as the host. I'll let you tell it.

Just random thoughts and questions from the Hip Hop world awards... Speak on it.

~ B.W.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Auditioning female dancers for Banky W's "Strong Ting" tomorrow May 11th @ 3pm

Auditioning female dancers for Banky W's "Strong Ting" tomorrow Monday May 11th @ 3pm in Ikeja. No African time. Must be pretty, flexible, have good skin and a great body, and able to dance in heels. U must also be available to travel for shows and video shoots. Please call 08055805211 to rsvp.