Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cop the new cd "Mr Capable" nowwww puhleeeeeeease

Hey folks,

Finally after a lot of blood, sweat and tears, the album is done and available for pre ordering NOW through Paypal. No worries cuz Paypal is as secure as it gets in terms of ordering anything online (they don't show me ur card information or anything like that)...

Anywho, if you'd like to support me by getting a copy of the album, please click on the picture below. It will take you to the Paypal website where you can preorder the record for 10 bucks, and we will ship it to you next week as soon as they arrive. I'll also be personally AUTOGRAPHING the albums to each buyer myself, so if you want that cd signed u have to preorder it. If you wait, you'll just have to get it off cd baby or iTunes, and there won't be any autographs on those ones, sorry...

So if you want it, or you just want to support me, please click on the link below and you'll have it in a week and a half.

Also, you DO NOT have to be a pay pal subscriber to buy it... just click where it says pay with your credit card (Visa, mastercard, etc) and follow the instructions. Aight folks, I'm counting on y'all to help a brotha break even.

Thanks for listening, and thanx for the support. The video for Ebute Metta will be online this week, next is the long awaited video for Capable. Now buy the cd and help me pay for all this sh*t :o)~

Love y'all
~ B.W.

Random thoughts... again...

* So some people know I had a pretty intense battle with typhoid that left me in the hospital for a while... much better now thank God. BUT the silver lining is I just discovered the world's best weight loss plan. Typhoid, ladies and gentlemen. I lost 20 lbs!!!! In like 2 weeks. Crazy. Not that I had a lot of weight to lose, but still. Someone should tell Jenny Craig. Just ship the patients to Africa, have 'em eat and drink some random ish, then bring 'em back and hope they don't die first. Works like a charm.

* Thanx to everyone that came to see me in the hospital, or wrote, or called. I appreciate it. And I definitely appreciate all the juice. Apparently people bombard u with all kinds of juice when ur sick. And I LOVE it. Juice, flowers, and candy. I have plenty.

* Giants won. I will keep reminding u New Englanders of this, forever. Seriously. This will never end. At least not until the next superbowl. Ha!

* Anybody wanna sublet my beautiful crib in the Bronx NYC? Just asking.

* I really hope Obama wins the democratic nomination (and the presidential election later). Some people think that America will not vote in a black man. I don't know, maybe they're right. But I think it's bigger than him being black. In my humble opinion he's the most refreshing, inspiring candidate, and well equipped to bring about the change we desperately need. If he was white I'd still support him and his message of hope. Watch this video http://www.yeswecansong.com and see if u don't get moved urself. It almost seems like I'm catching a glimpse of how people felt when Martin Luther King or JFK spoke... i know that's a big statement, but it's how I feel. Hopefully y'all get inspired too.

* I think Lil' Wayne is gonn kill himself at an early age. He's too drugged up. Same thing goes for Amy Winehouse. I just don't see them living long lives... they living too reckless, there's only so much a body can take... it's sad, especially because they are incredibly talented.

* My sprint pocket pc blows. I shoulda just gone with the Treo.

* My sister's all married now. Too cute. I'm very happy for her and him. I think they make a good couple... like they compliment each other with their differences. It's cute. I'm waiting for my own better half. Mrs W where u at holla at me.

* I'm going to post most of the songs from the new album "Mr. Capable" on my blog: http://bankyw.blogspot.com for those of u that want to get a preview b4 u buy it. I'll also post pre-order links today. Hopefully y'all support ur boy and pick it up. It's a really, REALLY good album all around, I promise.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Yes we can...

"we've been warned against offering people of this nation false hope... but in the unlikely story that is American... there has never been anything false about hope..."

Yes We can. This post is coming like a month too late, cuz if ur not already registered to vote in the primaries chances are it's too late in ur state... but if u are, go out and let ur voice be heard.
It's easier to sit back and not do sh*t. It's easier to sit back and complain.
But u see what's going on in the world around u... u see the economy, u see the fuel prices, u see the job market, u see the wars...

Be the change u want to see in ur world. Don't leave it up to everyone else.
Start by making urself and ur vote count.

Yes We can. 'Obama 2008. I believe.