Monday, April 28, 2008

The Run Down...

Sorry I've been quiet for a while and it's been hard to reach me... it's just that I'm on such a heavy grind right now, y'all are going to have to bear with me until the album drops in Nigeria (May 2008)...

Banky W got FIVE nominations at this year's Nigerian Entertainment Awards in NYC. Best International Single (either "Till my dying day" or "A ti de" with Ayuba), Best International Album for "Mr Capable", best International music video for "Ebute Metta" and best International producer (as part of the Muzik Men production group)...

First of all, WOW. Thanx for the recognition that's craaaazy.

Secondly, Please log on to:

type in ur email address and vote for Banky in all these categories... it'd be nice to win some :o)~

Also, check out my homegirl Jojo Silla's new single "Right Here" - if u ask me this one definitely takes the phrase "make love in this club" very literally... who knew jojo had some freak in her? Listen to the song to understand what i mean:

The video for capable will finally make it's debut this week... shout out to DJ Tee.

Stay tuned folks... much love...

~ B.W.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Banky W's Top 10 reasons I may have just shaved my head :o)~

10) Wesley Snipes fan base has been ignored since his disappearance. I felt the need to personally tend to his fans.

9) Samuel L. Jackson is a bad mutha f****. I'm not him, but still...

8) I felt the ridiculous need to test India Arie's "I am not my hair" theory

7) Raul, my original legendary barber, moved back to the Dominican Republic, and I absolutely refuse to downgrade to any other barber for a fade.

6) After a spiritual crisis, I decided to become a monk. I changed my mind halfway through, but the damage had already been done.

5) I am a huge Ikechukwu fan

4) Lagos is hot as hell, this was a desperate attempt to cool down a little

3) No hair means no hair cuts, which means more time and attention can be spent on the goatee shape up, the real star of the show

2) Won a very twisted bet with the other E.M.E. board members (you should have seen what would have happened if I'd lost)

1) Michael Jordan did it and look how he turned out

Let the games begin :o)~

~ B.W.

PS: Hair, or no hair, buy my album on or on iTunes. It’s really good I promise :o)~

PPS: I'm performing this Saturday night in Brooklyn NY @ Club Genesis. Ladies if u come out I might let u rub my head in person ;o)~ If nuthin else u get to laugh at or admire the brand new me.