Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Thoughts... and Updates...

* I don't want to jinx it, but it looks like I'm going to Brazil this month, and you're not. Feel free to officially be jealous of me :o)~

* Shout out to Noble Igwe. To put it lightly, Mr Igwe is unlike anyone I have ever met in my life. And if you don't know him, feel free to officially be jealous of me, again.

* Due to a recent rediscovery I made in a moment of pure genius and creativity, I have expanded my weekly menu to include Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. Shout out to whoever came up with that combo. The rest of the menu still includes rice, beef/chicken stew, indomie, plantains, pounded yam, egusi soup and garri & groundnuts. U would think I'm complaining but I'm really not... I eat what I like, everyday, without fail. Who gives a hoot about a balanced diet I mean really.

* That being said, we need better restaurants in Nigeria. One visit to Jo'burg will convince you of this. The food there is orgasmic.

* I think I like food too much.

* I miss NYC. 'Nuff Said.

* For artistes in Naija, you almost live for the Christmas period... cuz it's your busiest time, and that's when you get to make more money. Being an R&B singer, Val's weekend is like the 2nd coming of Christmas... with that being said, I'll be at UNILAG on Friday for 2 events... (Genevieve Mag's forum and Etisalat's event), and on Saturday Night I'll be @ Club No. 10 alongside Eldee, Oladele and Jay Martins. If you're looking for what to do, come through to any or all of these venues, I promise to deliver a great show - u knowwww how I do.

* Thoughts on Slumdog Millionaire - best movie I have seen in the last 12 months, maybe longer. I originally didn't want to watch it because it felt like the hype around it was a little out of control, and those types of situations usually disappoint... but this did not, at all. If you haven't seen it, you're seriously slacking, and on a looooong thing.

* Eldee's song "Big Boy" feat Olu Maintain, Oladele and myself is my favorite Collabo, ever. I can listen to it a million times over. Oladele's verse is my personal favorite, although we all came correct. Watch out for that guy. Oh, and Get eL's album.

* My Favorite rap albums of 2008 - M.I. and Naeto C. And that's including Rap music from any part of the world.

* On the music tip, I've been laying low from the public life, burying my head in the studio and putting together my new record. And I'm excited. You should be too. I should be done with it by the end of the month, and I think I know what my first single is going to be. And it's bananas.... BANANAS... as in, freshly-peeled-just-ripe-enough Bananas. Watch this space.

* Nepa/PHCN *still* sucks. As I sit here I'm in Cobhams studio where we had an overnight session, but we've been running on inverters for God-knows-how-long, because there's no power. This is worse than when I was a kid, 20 sumthin-odd years ago. I mean, I met an artiste from Ghana, and she told me they have unlimited power supply there. How is it that Ghana, South Africa, etc have unlimited power but we can't figure the sh*t out??? PHCN is a poor excuse for a public service. It's ridiculous. Riiiiiidiculous.

* On the other hand, Fashola is cleaning up Lagos like u would not believe. It's insane. At this point it's safe to say he could have 5 more terms if only the law allowed it. Funny how when someone in office actually does their job out here, it's like... mind blowing... because we're so used to being sh*t on. Anyway, thank you to Governor Fashola for the excellent work he's doing. May God bless and reward you Sir.

That's all for now folks. I promise to do a better job of posting more...
Much Luv,
~ B.W.