Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fools Quickie

* Welcome to April. For the record it's 524am on April 1st... I couldn't sleep much tonight (again), so I figure why not spit out another random thoughts episode... since it's late and I'm not feeling too creative, we'll make this a quickie.

* It was my birthday on the 27th of march. I didn't plan to celebrate it per se... but it ended up being a lot of fun. Was originally supposed to be just dinner wit family and cousins but one thing led to another and before u knew it we had Club No. 10 rocking. Thanx to everyone that made the day special I appreciate u.

* Here's a quick run down of birthday presents I got: 4 cakes, one VERRRRY fly shirt with swaroski (spell?) crystals on it, 2 traditional outfits, 3 bottles of hennessey, 1 bottle of vodka, 2 cards, and a million facebook msgs/calls/texts.. I feel special.

* U know u might have a problem when more than one person gives u a bottle of alcohol as a birthday present without thinking twice :o)

* It's April fools day. Please refrain from making any startling announcements or facebook status changes until tomorrow. These include but are not limited to getting engaged, breaking up, getting married, pregnancy, death, random traveling, retirement, relocation and winning the lottery.
- Furthermore, a good April fools prank should be set up in advance. U gotta build up to it. Can't just call on the day and shout that ur pregnant/engaged/dying. U will get noooo sympathy from me. At least not until April 2nd.

* In no particular order, shout outs to Caliente, Swe Bar, and Club 10. Ain't no party like a Lagos Party.

* Since moving back to Nigeria last year, I've met quite a few celebrities/famous personalities. Usually this doesn't faze me. But two people that had me star struck were Richard Mofe Damijo and Jay Jay Okocha. I grew up watching them on tv... RMD was like our Denzel... and Jay Jay was our Maradonna (he's still got it too, watch last year's MTV Base Awards). So meeting them was HUGE for me, and I don't care if u think it's corny.

* Still haven't fallen asleep partly due to stress and partly due to not feeling well. I have this gaaaangster cough syrup that knocks u the f*** out, except I didn't take it last night when I should have and now it's already past 6am. If I take it now I probably won't be up before 1pm, which would mess up my schedule but if i don't take it i may not sleep at all which would make an unproductive day anyway, right? Soooo therefore, here's a toast to all you beautiful people out there as I sip on my sizzurp and pass out.

On that note...Goodnight world... Goodmorning Naija...

~ B.W.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Shameless Friday Night Thots, Confessions, and Rants

* I'm up for 3 and a half Hip Hop World Awards. Best RnB/Pop Album, Best Vocal Performance, and Hip Hop World Revelation of the year. The half is for the song I did for Mode 9 "Talking to You". It's really his song and nomination not mine; it's up for Best Rap Single, but I'm greedy because I coproduced it and did the hook etc, soooo bite me. Thanx to God, family, friends and fans for the wonderful year I had.

* "Pure Water" is an oxymoron on the streets of Lagos. Only Nigerians will feel me on this. Heheh.

* My first shameless confession: My guilty pleasure is Gala. There, I said it. I like Gala. Well not Gala, but Meaty. I don't care if you think it's razz, it's the best Roadside snack EVER. It's 50 Naira, which is like... 25 cents, and it's poppin. I like Gala and I don't care what u think of me :o)~

* My other shameless confession for the evening is my love for TFC. I'm sorry but their Charcolite chicken is seeeerious.

* Everyone of my friends should own a BlackBerry. The BB chat thing is just heaven sent. It's like.. instant messaging on your phone for FREE. U don't get charged like texts or phone calls, and it's free all over the world. I think if the networks knew how much money they were losing in texting fees, they'd ban BlackBerry's period. Infact, if any phone companies are reading this, pls forget everything I just said.

* Oh, and if your blackberry isn't "bold", it's afraid. Stop slacking. :oP~

* I need a Pool Table at home. I hadn't played in years, and then a month or two ago I played in PSquare's crib, and got my ass handed to me a couple times. Not kool. I need a pool table.

* One more shameful confession for the road: I don't know how to play poker. This is unacceptable.

* One more thing on the awards: I'm hosting this year's Awards, alongside Kemi Adetiba, and it's in Abuja on May 16th and it's going to be a greeeat show. For the record, I have no inside scoop on who's winning what. Infact I found out about the nominations like everyone else. They're doing a good job keeping me out of the loop so that way in case I'm not supposed to win, I won't Kanye-West the show. Heheheh.

* Things that SHOULD be against the law: Body Odor and Bad Breath. If only I was President.

* Songs that sound EXCELLENTTTT in a club when you're tipsy as hell but not anywhere else: "Arab Money", "Pop Champagne", and probably anything else from Ron Browz production catalogue.

* A lovely young lady helped organize my room this week.... as in I don't think my stuff has ever been this well put together in the last 2 or 3 years. My room was starting to look like a war zone. Anyway so now it's GREAT, except it's so good that I'm lost; I don't know where things are... that's bad when you are soooo used to chaos that neatness messes u up.

* MI's my favorite rapper at the moment. He's probably yours' too. He's in London this weekend, so if ur out there, u should go see him live.

* Eldee's my favorite artiste/producer, and I'm probably biased becuz he's my brother from another mother, but whatever. Anyway eL and Oladele are in Canada this weekend, so if ur out there look 'em up and go rock out.

Weekend Rant:
It's a friday night and I'm indoors. Crazy, right? Well technically not reeeeally, cuz I've spent the last month or two mostly indoors working on the new record. I'm 70% done, and I'm feeling real good about where I'm at with it. The first single is a song called "strong thing" (the other working title was "push my button"); it was produced by the legendary Cobhams Asuquo and should hit airwaves before the end of this month. I'm hoping we get to release the audio and the video at the same time; it'll be bananas truuuust me!

Anyway, I'm indoors for a combination of reasons. First of all I've been kinda sick since last weekend. Nothing crazy... just the case of the flu/cold/coughing up my lungs/etc. Anyway so I'm headed to Kaduna (Northern Nigeria) for a show with Etisalat on Sat Night (14th), and I didn't want to risk getting worse and not being able to deliver a good performance, so I finally gave into some wise advice and went to see a Doctor the other day.

People that know me well know I hate going to the hospital. In fact, I hate the whole process... getting sick, going to the Doctor, the smell of Hospitals, pills, syrups that taste like ass (no, i don't know what ass tastes like), the sight of blood, injections (needles make me queasy)... etc. But I did go, because I care about my fans, and my money. And they're paying me to perform for fans so I gotta be as close to 100% as possible.

So I did go, and the Doc was kool, except I went in with a cough/flu and came out with enuff medication to cure cancer!! Seeeriously, I'm on like 6 different pills, cough syrup that tastes like u-know-what, and I hate it. I think that Naija Hospitals give so much medicine because they don't know what's really wrong with you, so they just give you maaad pills to be on the safe side; they figure u throw enuff sh*t against the wall and something will cure ya right?? Heh. I kid, although the healthcare system in Nigeria needs quite a lot of improvement - we'll get there.

That's all folks. Performing at Etisalat's show in Kaduna Sat night, AY's comedy show on Sun Night in Lagos @ Oceanview, and then it's back to the Studio.

~ B.W. aka Alhaji Capable (u'd have to see my fb profile pic to understand that)