Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random thoughts...

* My parents have been married 30 years. That's a very long time...

* It's tough to be with the same person every day, for the rest of ur life. Sh*t it's tough to be with the same person a couple days in a row without a break... may God help all of us make the right life-partner choice, I know I'm gonn need serious divine intervention.

* Spent the last week and a half with my family, which was great. Turns out momma still loves me (like she has any other choice right?) Nah but, we had some really good long discussions about my life... i won't bother sharing here.

* I'm the least good-looking member of my family. And I'm okay with this. Heheh.

* It's Banky W., as in WELLINGTON. Not West, NOT Williams, or White. WELLINGTON.

* I lost my voice in frustration during the Nigerian Olympic gold soccer match... my throat hasn't been the same since. Still congratulations to the soccer team sha, they tried.

* Reviews on the new video have been very positive. Thanx to the critics too. See, constructive criticism is kool. Senseless hating is just amusing. And it's fuel for motivation.

* Hi Haters! Get comfortable cuz I'll be here for a little while.

* I'm hoping 9ice's album will help me with my Yoruba. I'm studying it very seriously.

* I need to quit eating so much rice. I eat rice in some form, every day. Jollof rice, fried rice, white rice, chinese rice... RICE. Seriously. EVERY day. And i love it. I think I need professional help, this might be an addiction. Plus momma says I need a balanced diet.

* Dark Knight was a good movie. I think I'm gonn focus on being a movie star next. Say hi to the Nigerian Will Smith, ha.

* I wish they never shut down Caliente. We liked that place a lot. Hope Ruby gets another one up and running soon...

* Cities I miss in no particular order: Jo'burg, NYC, Toronto & Montreal, London. Need to go perform again...

* If u don't have the Mr Capable album, shame on u. :o)~

~ B.W.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Don't break what's left of my heart...

" Imagine you are so in love with this person, and they are your everything, but for whatever reason, they don't believe it, or maybe they just can't handle that much love and so you say to them, "You're the only one for me, why can't you see? I knew it from the start... DON'T BREAK what's left of MY HEART" - As reviewed by Tosyn Bucknor.
Written and performed by Banky W., the video was directed Jonathan "Josh" Clarke of Re:public Media Group and features the stunning Rachel Stuart of Channel O. Enjoy the love story...