Monday, September 22, 2008

Catch me if u can... how to find Banky W.

If u tryna get a hold of me, here's a quick rundown Banky W upcoming schedule... tune in, or come out...
Will blog later, i promise.

Monday Sep 22nd: Unilag FM 1PM with Kamal
Tuesday Sep 22nd: Unilag FM 1PM with Kamal
Wednesday Sep 24th: Rhythm 93.7 FM 8pm with Wild Child
Thursday Sep 25th: Rhythm 93.7 FM 8pm with Wild Child

Friday Sep 26th: Cadbury's Stimorol Night Party @ Reloaded Night Club... Midnight.

Tuesday Sep 30th: Live performance with P-Square and Busta Rhymes in Asaba, Delta State

Oct 10th: Performing in Abuja, for the first time, details coming soon

Oct 12th: Performing in Lagos again, details coming soon

~ B.W.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random thoughts (the politics version) and my new commercial

* If the rest of the world could vote for America's next President, Obama would win in a land slide. It'd be something like 80% or more of the vote would be in his favor. But because it's Americans voting, McCain winning would not surprise me. It just saddens me.

* This Sarah Palin chic is built of teflon. If any of the other candidates had her kind of sh*t bubbling below the radar (the trooper gate investigation, the teenage pregnancy, etc), they'd be out of the game. As in Obama would be finished; I think the same goes for Mccain and Biden. Even Hillary wouldn't withstand it. But Sarah's untouchable. Incredible.

* "President Bush's approval ratings have fallen to around 33 percent from around 80 percent after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Yet, the big message in his party's recent convention went sort of like this: Washington is messed up, so if you're looking for real change, vote for the same party that put you in this mess..." - GREAT quote from an interesting article I read today about the campaign strategies. If u wanna read it, check out,0,4802765.column

* Maybe Obama should have picked Hillary. But after the nasty primaries, I'm sorry but I wouldn't have picked her either.

* And now for some shameless self promotion... Here's the ad for a new commercial campaign I'm involved with. It's for Etisalat (the Telecomms company that's about to roll out their 0809 cellphone service in Nigeria). The song was produced by the legendary and talented Cobhams Asuquo...

The quest for world domination continues. Hope y'all like it...

~ B.W.