Thursday, October 18, 2012

To My Unborn Child...

To my Unborn Child...

I pray that you go farther
I pray you, or one of your siblings, go to Harvard
I pray me and your Momma found true love
And that we showed by example what it’s made of

I pray that we made you rich
But if we didn’t give you all you want, I pray we gave you all you need
I pray you get the best of me
I pray you’ll strive to be all that you can be

I pray that you find the one
And that you never let her go, don’t be like me son
Or babygirl, yes I pray that you find him,
And that you never let a man treat you like I treated some girlfriends

I pray God makes this clearer:
The only person standing in your way is the one in the mirror
And Most of all, I pray that you win
And that you never ever pay for any one of my sins

... To My Unborn Child.

~ B.W.

PS: This is an excerpt from a poem/song that will appear on my forthcoming "R&BW" album. I'm almost done completing the record; New singles will drop in November 2012, while the album is due to be released on Valentine's day, 2013. Stay tuned please :-)