Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween in Lagos...

I used to live in New York City - shout out to all my new yorkers, much luv - anywho, I lived in a very "suburban" part of the Bronx. Sounds like an oxymoron, i know, u don't think of Suburbs when u think Bronx, but it's true. Look up "throgsneck" whenever u get a sec. Well in my neighborhood, halloween was big with the kids. They'd all dress up in their lil' costumes and come trick-or-treating...

Which was all well and good, cuz I'm a sucker for kids; like they'd all have me wrapped around their lil' fingers. So I'd go out and blow a ton of cash on wayyy too much candy, in preparation for when they'd stop by. The only problem is I'd blow through my candy supplies during the first hour because I'd just be pouring it into their containers, instead of managing it well. So the kids that show up during that first hour would looooove me. True story one kid actually said "WOW I love you mister!!!!". But then I'd run out of candy cuz I'd give away too much too fast, then I'd shut off all the lights in my apartment and hide from the rest of the kids in the neighborhood that came later :o)~

That's my halloween story. I know the christian arguments about the spirituality of halloween; momsie raised us to believe it's a demonic/devilish thing and not to get involved, but all i'm saying is it's VERY hard to turn down the little ones that come for candy.

Which raises another question in my mind; mostly for those of u in the states or europe, will u dress ur kids up for the halloween thing? Is it okay to use "non-evil" costumes? As in if ur child goes as superman, that's harmless right? Or no? I'm not sure if I'll let my kids dress up for it yet or not. I guess I'll cross that bridge when the time comes.

ANYWHO - now that I'm based in Lagos Naija, I was chatting with one or two friends last week, about possible costumes for the theme parties around town.

I'm sure world wide there'll be enough Sarah Palin and Obama costumes, and I'm sure u'll have ur typical suggestive outfits like the sexy secretary, french maid, nurse, etc (which I will *never* argue with)...
U could also go as Sikirat the market woman - tie a wrapper around ur body, wear some slippers, and a head tie, carry a bucket of water on ur head and tie a babydoll to ur back.

Me personally, I don't do costumes. I know, party-pooper. Never have, probably never will. BUT if I did rock a costume in Lagos, I'd go as a LASTMA* official. Rock the complete uniform, carry a torch light and stand outside the club. Soon as u pull up I'd say "oga park well, park well".... heheheh. I know my Lagos heads feel me on that...

How about y'all? Did you/are you dressing up? And what did/would you go as?

Have a great week folks

~ B.W.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Performing tomorrow for a noteworthy cause... COME THRUUU

Hey folks...

Quick update. I'm sorry we haven't been doing the best job of keeping y'all updated on where Banky is performing, and I promise we'll do better. This is last minute, but Banky W, Rooftop MC's, and Owen Gee will all be on stage tomorrow night, Saturday the 25th for a VERY noteworthy cause. The event holds at Planet One in Ikeja Lagos, and will go from 3pm - 9pm. It'll be a great way to kick off your evening...

If you're in Lagos, roll through. All the details can be found by clicking here:

Thanx for the support. More dates/events/thoughts coming soon!!

~ B.W.

PS: I'm sorry all my Abuja folks, I'll be catering to you very soon, and it'll be very special. For now just bare with me.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

More random thoughts...

* I'm hung over. Head aches suck.

* If I was God, I wouldn't love me so much.

* Thank God I'm not Him.

* I come on facebook chat for kicks. Not to conduct business or to submit/review proposals. We might be going too far with this whole facebook phenomenon.

* I miss my family. I have a new nephew. His name is Oluwatomisin. And he's adorable. And little. It's a beautiful thing to see. Makes me want to have some kids... but I gotta get married first.

* I think I should go to my mom's village and pick a wife. It's safe to say that it'd be hard to find someone to love you for you, after you become a semi-public personality. I figure I might as well accept my fate, go to my mom's village, and pick a wife that doesn't speak much english, is fluent in efik, can cook up a storm and work magic in the bedroom. Here's to me and Ekaete doing the jangorova on the kitchen table.

* I'm hungry. My stomach is screaming for pounded yam, egusi, and goat meat. Except there's no cook, and there's no way I'm getting off of this bed, or out of this house to order food.

* Things i miss about my old apartment in no particular order: 13ft ceilings, super high powered shower, and watching the nfl.

* I'm this close to tinting my car in Lagos, cuz it's getting harder to get around without people noticing. But I've always felt a certain way about things like that... like... you should never put rims on a crappy car, ur sound system shouldn't cost more than the car, etc. Same thing goes for tints, i figure if i'm tinting a car, it should in the very least be a new range rover, or sum'n like that. But I'm more into buying new houses than new cars right now. So maybe I will go ahead and do the tints. It's either that or I drive around with a ski mask on.

* I wanna go to cape town. And Vegas.