Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Songs on Mr. Capable...

Hey folks,

I'm back in Yank, after my almost-2-months-stint in Naija. It was fun, did a bunch of touring and promo, and will post pictures soon... heading back to naija in february after we drop the album. Speaking of which, the album Mr. Capable will be dropping on or before Valentine's Day 2008.... we're sending it off to the duplicators this week, so we'll have the info up in case anyone wants to preorder it...

For now please check out the profile and listen to some of the songs. We just added a reworked "work you out" track featuring none other than Sauce Kid.... u can try to hate if u want but his verse is fire.

More music previews will be up over the next week or two.
Thanx for listening,
~ B.W.

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