Friday, March 13, 2009

Shameless Friday Night Thots, Confessions, and Rants

* I'm up for 3 and a half Hip Hop World Awards. Best RnB/Pop Album, Best Vocal Performance, and Hip Hop World Revelation of the year. The half is for the song I did for Mode 9 "Talking to You". It's really his song and nomination not mine; it's up for Best Rap Single, but I'm greedy because I coproduced it and did the hook etc, soooo bite me. Thanx to God, family, friends and fans for the wonderful year I had.

* "Pure Water" is an oxymoron on the streets of Lagos. Only Nigerians will feel me on this. Heheh.

* My first shameless confession: My guilty pleasure is Gala. There, I said it. I like Gala. Well not Gala, but Meaty. I don't care if you think it's razz, it's the best Roadside snack EVER. It's 50 Naira, which is like... 25 cents, and it's poppin. I like Gala and I don't care what u think of me :o)~

* My other shameless confession for the evening is my love for TFC. I'm sorry but their Charcolite chicken is seeeerious.

* Everyone of my friends should own a BlackBerry. The BB chat thing is just heaven sent. It's like.. instant messaging on your phone for FREE. U don't get charged like texts or phone calls, and it's free all over the world. I think if the networks knew how much money they were losing in texting fees, they'd ban BlackBerry's period. Infact, if any phone companies are reading this, pls forget everything I just said.

* Oh, and if your blackberry isn't "bold", it's afraid. Stop slacking. :oP~

* I need a Pool Table at home. I hadn't played in years, and then a month or two ago I played in PSquare's crib, and got my ass handed to me a couple times. Not kool. I need a pool table.

* One more shameful confession for the road: I don't know how to play poker. This is unacceptable.

* One more thing on the awards: I'm hosting this year's Awards, alongside Kemi Adetiba, and it's in Abuja on May 16th and it's going to be a greeeat show. For the record, I have no inside scoop on who's winning what. Infact I found out about the nominations like everyone else. They're doing a good job keeping me out of the loop so that way in case I'm not supposed to win, I won't Kanye-West the show. Heheheh.

* Things that SHOULD be against the law: Body Odor and Bad Breath. If only I was President.

* Songs that sound EXCELLENTTTT in a club when you're tipsy as hell but not anywhere else: "Arab Money", "Pop Champagne", and probably anything else from Ron Browz production catalogue.

* A lovely young lady helped organize my room this week.... as in I don't think my stuff has ever been this well put together in the last 2 or 3 years. My room was starting to look like a war zone. Anyway so now it's GREAT, except it's so good that I'm lost; I don't know where things are... that's bad when you are soooo used to chaos that neatness messes u up.

* MI's my favorite rapper at the moment. He's probably yours' too. He's in London this weekend, so if ur out there, u should go see him live.

* Eldee's my favorite artiste/producer, and I'm probably biased becuz he's my brother from another mother, but whatever. Anyway eL and Oladele are in Canada this weekend, so if ur out there look 'em up and go rock out.

Weekend Rant:
It's a friday night and I'm indoors. Crazy, right? Well technically not reeeeally, cuz I've spent the last month or two mostly indoors working on the new record. I'm 70% done, and I'm feeling real good about where I'm at with it. The first single is a song called "strong thing" (the other working title was "push my button"); it was produced by the legendary Cobhams Asuquo and should hit airwaves before the end of this month. I'm hoping we get to release the audio and the video at the same time; it'll be bananas truuuust me!

Anyway, I'm indoors for a combination of reasons. First of all I've been kinda sick since last weekend. Nothing crazy... just the case of the flu/cold/coughing up my lungs/etc. Anyway so I'm headed to Kaduna (Northern Nigeria) for a show with Etisalat on Sat Night (14th), and I didn't want to risk getting worse and not being able to deliver a good performance, so I finally gave into some wise advice and went to see a Doctor the other day.

People that know me well know I hate going to the hospital. In fact, I hate the whole process... getting sick, going to the Doctor, the smell of Hospitals, pills, syrups that taste like ass (no, i don't know what ass tastes like), the sight of blood, injections (needles make me queasy)... etc. But I did go, because I care about my fans, and my money. And they're paying me to perform for fans so I gotta be as close to 100% as possible.

So I did go, and the Doc was kool, except I went in with a cough/flu and came out with enuff medication to cure cancer!! Seeeriously, I'm on like 6 different pills, cough syrup that tastes like u-know-what, and I hate it. I think that Naija Hospitals give so much medicine because they don't know what's really wrong with you, so they just give you maaad pills to be on the safe side; they figure u throw enuff sh*t against the wall and something will cure ya right?? Heh. I kid, although the healthcare system in Nigeria needs quite a lot of improvement - we'll get there.

That's all folks. Performing at Etisalat's show in Kaduna Sat night, AY's comedy show on Sun Night in Lagos @ Oceanview, and then it's back to the Studio.

~ B.W. aka Alhaji Capable (u'd have to see my fb profile pic to understand that)


Anonymous said...

Shameless Thots indeed...But it's revealing sha and will go along way to affect some people +vely

Anonymous said...

hey b! Big up's on the doc...u are one up on me! Loving mi, eldee...their albums are is this blog...imagine primi gidi!? Too mad! That was the day we watched wat? Anyhoo... Keep sure to keep reading! Excited for ur album! Mad mad love to 'my angel' sizilio de janeiro...

Jayla. said...

ah i heart gala too. as in i packed 2 cartons back to LDN and finished it within a week.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can definately relate wit some tins lik d gala nd tfc chiken. it's heavenly. i like ur style mr alhaji capable(nyce pix by d way) pls dnt change ur humble nd dwn 2earth attitude. Cnt wait 4 ur alubm. luv ya. ciao.
NB pls get beta!

Abujamaiden said...

Mehn, I've never even tasted gala. Lol!

bumight said...

so did i manage to scare u off peanut butter n jelly sandwiches? cos i see its now gala.

arab money&pop champagne (they sound alike too) are dope! d dj played it in one of the clubs in naija, and me and my friends lost our minds!! most pple were looking on though, instead of putting up their hands up!

plus i wont even get started with naija and medication. not even worth it.

Dith said...

wait o! so gala is now 50 naira?? lol i swear in 2005 it was 25.

Dith said...

hmm! forgot all abt ur blog. lol @ d medicine bit. True talk sha. naija hospitals smells like....err..a Drugspital. all those meds. *sigh* e go better sha

Man uve come a really long way and i'm really proud of ya. Don't lose ur down 2 earth person in d process tho cos that's actually what we love most abt ya. Or atleast me.
However, Flexin is very much allowed tho hehehe

the track "Big boy" stays on heavy rotation. Ur part was bananas......."ci-ci city won't leave me alone, every other week i'm in encomium" Ahn ahn Too maddddd lol

Infact all of u killed it. The vid just cannot afford 2 be wack; So u guys need 2 come correct with that.

Outta curiousity tho, wasn't d future awards just held like 2 months ago?? U kno d one Dare and Onyinye hosted? Or am i mixing 2 events up?

Anonymous said...

hey.. first time here.. followed a link from vera's..... nice stuff you sing.. particularly loved that Ebutte-Metta one.. off the hook!!!

Anonymous said...

Charcolite chicken is the ish!
Every time I get to Lagos...I always need to get me some charcolite chicken and mende suya to confirm the fact that I'm in town!!!
I've been know to "smuggle" charcolite chicken in my hand luggage to London! yes o! it's da bomb.
Blackberry rocks and congrats on your nomination!

Roc said...

Lol @ "I went in with a cough/flu and came out with enuff medication to cure cancer"... It's Naija!!

MI is the man this year.. So all you other fake rappers better disappear..!

RocNaija’s MI Album review- Talk About It – A 5 Mic Album?!

ibiluv said...

You are winning all 3 and the half......

feel you on the pure water thingy.....*wink*

lol at you loving meaty....maybe i should try it...yea u read it right..i've never eaten gala....meaty or any of them stuff.....i'm just not into stuff that have flour in them....

moi aussi on Charcolite chicken.....a pal introduced moi to it and its banging

BB bold.....i'm also thinking of indulging in one or better yet...i'll steal my boss's....i kid..i kid..

poker.....i'll teach ya(cant play to save my life)

i would be your VP on banning BO & BB........

so spill on who the lass i def feel you on people messing up with the chaos in my room........its organized chaos dammit!!!!!!!

hope you are better.....

liking your profile pic...Alhaji Capable.....LMBAO!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol @ naija hospital giving you many meds cos they dont know whats wrong with you....perhaps, its true. but see if y'all vote for me as president, maybe I can see what i can do about it

the BO and BB....another reason to make me president

break a leg....

SMSL said...

Hey, almost passed out when i found out abt your blog!!! i absolutely adore you, i listen to your songs every nite b4 i go to bed!! Keep up the gud work. Hmmmm abt this ur love for gala, i guess its every lagosins secret love, but ur brave sha coming out abt it!!! anyways let me confess i love gala and fan yogo too. xxx

MissBalance said...

Lol! Gala and yoghurt works for me every other time I'm on the road. Nice post Mr. Capable. Have fun hosting and perfoming.

The experiences of an achiever....... said... make me hungry! gala and choc.fanyogo RAWK!!!! It's Alhaji Capable now?? lmao.

Penelope...! said...

lol...I'm sorry "sir"
but ure quite @ 'if ur blackberry isnt bold, its scared'..teehee..nice one's
and meaty?

Olówó said...

I will not touch Gala (or any of its derivatives) with a ten foot pole. I used to love it when I was younger until the day my sisters and I caught a stomach virus from it. It must have been a bad batch of gala cos we were sick for days. Now just the mere thought of gala makes my stomach cringe.

Tari. N said...

Omg!! Gala...hmm i cant remember the last time i tasted that stuff..

Lol@ you came out of the hospital with enuff medication to cure cancer..hahaha... I hate hospitals..even when im hale and hearty, i start feeling sick immediately i step into one..


Chili Pepa said...

I sooooo feel you on the charcolite chicken, and the whole of Tastee's food fare really. Their quality delivery is impeccable, the same type of food, the same taste regardless which branch you visit.

Nice blog.

juiceegal said...

I love gala too...its d bomb
nd yea im feelin u on d body odour thing

Unknown said...

AKA BANKY, what's up?? Nice one, no mind these old men wey their time done pass, wey dey yan dust. JUST KEEP ROCKING