Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Thoughts... and Updates...

* I don't want to jinx it, but it looks like I'm going to Brazil this month, and you're not. Feel free to officially be jealous of me :o)~

* Shout out to Noble Igwe. To put it lightly, Mr Igwe is unlike anyone I have ever met in my life. And if you don't know him, feel free to officially be jealous of me, again.

* Due to a recent rediscovery I made in a moment of pure genius and creativity, I have expanded my weekly menu to include Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. Shout out to whoever came up with that combo. The rest of the menu still includes rice, beef/chicken stew, indomie, plantains, pounded yam, egusi soup and garri & groundnuts. U would think I'm complaining but I'm really not... I eat what I like, everyday, without fail. Who gives a hoot about a balanced diet I mean really.

* That being said, we need better restaurants in Nigeria. One visit to Jo'burg will convince you of this. The food there is orgasmic.

* I think I like food too much.

* I miss NYC. 'Nuff Said.

* For artistes in Naija, you almost live for the Christmas period... cuz it's your busiest time, and that's when you get to make more money. Being an R&B singer, Val's weekend is like the 2nd coming of Christmas... with that being said, I'll be at UNILAG on Friday for 2 events... (Genevieve Mag's forum and Etisalat's event), and on Saturday Night I'll be @ Club No. 10 alongside Eldee, Oladele and Jay Martins. If you're looking for what to do, come through to any or all of these venues, I promise to deliver a great show - u knowwww how I do.

* Thoughts on Slumdog Millionaire - best movie I have seen in the last 12 months, maybe longer. I originally didn't want to watch it because it felt like the hype around it was a little out of control, and those types of situations usually disappoint... but this did not, at all. If you haven't seen it, you're seriously slacking, and on a looooong thing.

* Eldee's song "Big Boy" feat Olu Maintain, Oladele and myself is my favorite Collabo, ever. I can listen to it a million times over. Oladele's verse is my personal favorite, although we all came correct. Watch out for that guy. Oh, and Get eL's album.

* My Favorite rap albums of 2008 - M.I. and Naeto C. And that's including Rap music from any part of the world.

* On the music tip, I've been laying low from the public life, burying my head in the studio and putting together my new record. And I'm excited. You should be too. I should be done with it by the end of the month, and I think I know what my first single is going to be. And it's bananas.... BANANAS... as in, freshly-peeled-just-ripe-enough Bananas. Watch this space.

* Nepa/PHCN *still* sucks. As I sit here I'm in Cobhams studio where we had an overnight session, but we've been running on inverters for God-knows-how-long, because there's no power. This is worse than when I was a kid, 20 sumthin-odd years ago. I mean, I met an artiste from Ghana, and she told me they have unlimited power supply there. How is it that Ghana, South Africa, etc have unlimited power but we can't figure the sh*t out??? PHCN is a poor excuse for a public service. It's ridiculous. Riiiiiidiculous.

* On the other hand, Fashola is cleaning up Lagos like u would not believe. It's insane. At this point it's safe to say he could have 5 more terms if only the law allowed it. Funny how when someone in office actually does their job out here, it's like... mind blowing... because we're so used to being sh*t on. Anyway, thank you to Governor Fashola for the excellent work he's doing. May God bless and reward you Sir.

That's all for now folks. I promise to do a better job of posting more...
Much Luv,
~ B.W.


ibiluv said...


You def made up for being away

I jealous you on both counts.....*wink*

i'm with you on plantain as well as garri and gnuts

need to get to Jo'burg-anything that can give orgasms...I'm in......*wink*

Me and you...too much nah...but i love food(good food)

i dont miss NYC

Have fun making all that extra tush this February......

Need to catch me that movie......

Big been in it makes it a great song......*wink*....(whadau expect ya faithfull groupie to say???)

M.i...a-ok...Naeto-not feeling all his songs.....

I'd like me some bananas.......*sigh*

I hardly bother about them anymore-they hardly exist in my world-spent a week in Ghana in 2002 and na since them i write PHCN off

Fash deserves to be the Gov of Lag till he dies......

and that coment on my blog?????Weight & February...*i blushed to my P****......*wink*

Chris Ogunlowo said...

Slumdog is a lovely movie, although I have a problem with the word "dog" in the title. It's so unfair to slumdwellers.

I have been asking those who have seen the movie... where (or how) did he get the answer to the last question since he had clues to previous questions? Maybe I missed it.

Really lovely movie. And it's heavy on stereotype (against India). My thoughts.

Oh, Noble... I don't know him and I am not jealous of you!!! ;)

Wassup man?

Anonymous said...

Yo Banks,

I feel so special getting a shout out from a superstar.
Thanks for the cake.

Aloofar knows Noble Igwe.

On Big boy,
check this out
"money in a duffle bag, heavy like gbim gbim
now i got power like say i been dey gym gym

Too much money, we big spending
the way we dey burn am you go think say na benson
tear rubber everything,..well,..almost everything
soon as I enter, omo ti mental
why she no go follow me, follow me gooo
o ti je dodo, o ti je dodo yo o
why una dey le ju, dey le ju o
wan ti fagboyo, wan ti fagboyo o"
and this again
"Haters really hate it see they told me Ive got
too much money la po
no be may fault
even your kele wanna go
no be my fault
voice of an angel, flow of a rapper
face of a fine boy, so much swagger"

Thank you for the kind words

bye Aloofar

ibiluv said...

Sweets you really have to read *Did you hear me c..*???

i don beg you.......

i lick my wounds in private.......
and hope Banky W will have me back.......
i promise to be a faithful groupie......

please have me back please....*fluttering eyelashes*

lollypops said...

í'm so in love with the song big boy...except that im a big've got too much money lapo,no be my fault!
...face of a fine girl so much swagger...still keeping my swagger on..i've got money on my come before
i so do not want your "ETISALAT MONEY"'re simply the bomb!!

Perfectly Human said...

Hmmm, just last night i was talking with a friend about the KBR bribery case involving Nigerian officials, and it brought back the whole feeling of being s**t on.
*singing* if everyday be like holiday, workers salary, goverments dey pay; Alujo repete! Fashola se bebe indeed. God bless him and the works of his hands!
Meanwhile, garri and fresh epa is one of my favaorite meals! lol.

bumight said...

NOOOOOOOOO! not PBnJ sandwiches! there's salmonella in peanut butter....ok, now that i've officially scared you :)

I"m going to see Slumdog millionair this week ...i know i'm a movie slacker, better late than never. plus, the theatres will be less crowded....lame excuse :(

I've got Eldee's album on repeat in my car, and i know all the words to the "big boy" track....and "bosi gbangba"...and "Go"...ok, i feel like such a groupie! those are the best tracks on the album for me!

Naeto C is so...fresh? DC boy!! i might just be the only one not so crazy about the MI album, I only LOVE one track so far, i LIKE couple of the songs, but i need to LOVE it for it to be playing in my car.

Muse said...

garri and groundnuts? amen to that!

Chris Ogunlowo said...

... only if people's names describe them!

I don't want to know Noble, whoever he is!

Vera Ezimora said...

I loved Slumdog Millionaire too. Wonderful movie. Look forward to the day I'll be able to watch a Nollywood flick in the theatre. By the way, did you cry (4 the movie)? I did.

Avartsy said...

Interesting...a blogging 9ja musician...totally blown by this...nice! 'Big boy' is really the ish...y u dey it ur money? Hotness in a track I tell u! PB & J??? Lawdy, u need some real food...not with all the salmonella outbreaks o...Yep...major kudos to Fashola...hear he's actually doing what he was put in office for... as for NYC, always thot it was too crowded...kinda like Lagos in terms of crowds, but still...

Aee Bonrue said...

garri and groundnuts...need me some for brunch, puhleeeeeeese somebody!!!

Jo'burg food is ORGASMIC? Their food's damn good, I'm in 1000% agreement...but orgasmic...Dude, that's

Yep. You love food that's Ipso Pointo...But who no like food??
lol...I luuuurve food...Damn! Good food any day, Imma come

Slum dog Millionaire is the ISH!!! must've seen it my sleep at some point

I'm craaazy about MI's music ...nuff said!

PHCN??? What's that? I've not had PHCN power my crib for More than 2 hours at a stretch for goodness knows how long...I went to one tiny tiny village in Mamfe, Cameroun...Bobs, their light no dey blink!

Cool blog, Man!

Anonymous said...

Saw you at the O2 for the first time! OMG! I lurves you, period! PS. when u are coming back to the uk plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss bring garri and groudnut for me. Seriously, pls find me! xxxxx

Deepee said...

Oh also in addition to my earlier post, could you pleaseeeeeeeeeeee do a happy birthday song for my 21st bd? Its still july 19 so u hv loads of time.:-) Its also my masters graduation day so its special. Plsss, suprise me, i deserve it uberly!!!! Im really very serious although it might seem like im not!
Thank you in great anticipation :-)