Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What happens on my tour bus, stays on my tour bus

* I'm going, going, back, back to, Yessir. Toronto was probably one of my most-fun shows, recently, cuz the people up there are just LIVE, and they get into it. Soooo I'm excited to be headed back there to perform, along side the E.M.E. Crew and my boy El Dee on Friday Oct 5th 2007 @ the Faith Banquet Hall. Will post the flyer soon.

* Wear black tomorrow to support the Jena 6 cause. If you don't know what it's about google it, sign the online petition and maybe even send a letter if you can.

* I'll also be performing in Houston TX on Saturday Sept 29th as well as on Oct 6th. Will post details and flyers on all these events soon.

* Also, for my east coasters, we'll be having the new album release party in New Yawk City in October - soon as we nail down the date and venue, I'll let y'all know.

* Speaking of El Dee, we just completed a remix to "Ur the Only One" with Del, which, permit me to say, is BANANAS. Y'all keep ur ears to the skreets for this one. We just need to mix it and shoot a video for it, and then it's a wrap.

* Furthermore, vote for El Dee's video "Champion" for the Channel O awards. Take a moment, register online @ Channel O's website, and vote

* Kanyeeezy won the first week sales battle against 50 Cent. It's the ROC, b*tches.

* I'm kool with all y'all on facebook, right, but please I only wanna say this one time... fellas....refrain from getting too into the whole facebook-action things. Do NOT "poke" me on facebook; don't write in my honesty box, don't chest bump me, none of that. Not kool, holmes. Leave that to the females PLEASE. Thank you.

* I'm hungry. I need a chef in my life. For real. And a masseus.

* I'll be going away for a couple months - I'll ship out end of October and won't be back till January-ish. And no it's not because of immigration, stupid. I'm gonn go do some heavy touring and promoting... the world wide takeover has begun.

~ B.W.

PS: I ain't even got a tour bus yet, I just thought it was a GREAT title. :o)~

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