Monday, September 10, 2007

Banky W's VMA Recap Run down....

* MTV may have ruined Britney's come back b4 it started. She wasn't ready to hit that stage.

* Kanye (and 50) should have performed on the main stage - if I was the show director... I woulda had them share top billing to open or close the show. Kinda like how they are both on the Rolling Stone cover... I mean that performance woulda been monumental, with both of them tryna out do each other, seeing who gets the louder screams.... cut back and forth from one song to another and then end it with them face to face, center stage with a bomb explosion. I mean come on. That SHOULD have been a no brainer. Instead of that party in the hotel suite crap they pulled off.

* Instead, they opened it with Britney, who I just feel really sorry for these days, and closed it with Timbo, Nelly Furtado, and Justin - who by the way didn't do their smash "Give it to me"; instead they did some other songs meshed together that really didn't do much for me in terms of excitement and entertainment.

* Fergie's hot, but not female-of-the-year hot, I mean come on. That's like when "my humps" beat out Gold digger and some other joints for hip hop song of the year. That's a bad joke.

* Say what u want about Chris Brown, but that boy is a monster. He ripped it.

* Shockingly, Timberland did not amaze me with his maestro skills. Yeah I said it. I dunno. When I heard he was scoring the show I was mad excited. I didn't walk away remembering anything though, which was... interesting. He's still the best producer in music right now, period. He (and we) may have been too much on his jock though.

* MTV is collectively on Justin Timberlake's jock.

* Why wasn't Jay-Z present? Or maybe he was and I missed it, cuz i was cutting back and forth to the giants getting their ass kicked by Dallas.

* Dr. Dre was looking like a WWE fighter, on steriods. Sheeeeet that man is HUGE. His tshirt/sweater was damn near begging for mercy. THAT was a shocker.

* All those performances in the suites must have been fun for the people in there, but I miss the banging performances on stage. Like Cee Lo ripping that Prince cover woulda been amazing on stage. The suites made things feel just... less explosive.

* Probably because of the suites thing, Lil' Wayne was forgettable. I hope he delivers on his album.

* I was wondering why Alicia Keys' performance seemed kind of strange, but it makes sense now. During her show, Kid Rock and Tommy Lee got into a scuffle over Pamela Anderson's jugs, and had to be escorted out. And people think it's the rappers that always start sh*t. :o)~

* The BET awards show is starting to look like it kicks MTV's VMA's @$$. I take that back. The BET awards HAS BEEN kicking MTV's @$$. Yeahhhh I said it.

* Cop Kanye's album tomorrow. Cop 50's too, but only after the first week :o)~

* I need to visit Las Vegas a.s.ap. Who's with me?

~ B.W.


IDK said...

what!! I'm first?? lol..nice recap, i actually forgot to watch it...and now i'm nt sure i will, i'll prolly jus forward over to chris can't go wrng wit him:P

IDK said...

aww..crap..I'm nt first am i?:(

Miss E said...

las vegas, im in.
free ticket sha, im so in