Monday, September 24, 2007

Random ish... life in mi casa... :o)~

So I moved into a new crib a couple months ago. Love it... 13 foot ceilings, beautiful hard wood floors, all that good stuff. Great Neighborhood, and no parking problems at all - which is priceless in NYC. The *only* problem is one of the neighbors has a car alarm that goes off unprovoked, consistently, without fail, riiiiiight around 2am. Every single night. I think it does that just to show us all that it still has a mind of it's own. And a very loud mind, at that.

The only other problem is this... I love dogs, and not in the Michael Vick kind of way... just period. Like, when I finally buy a mansion with the big back yard, I'm going to either cop me a labrador or a golden retriever (which will most definitely terrorize my sister, but that's another story). In any case, right before I moved in, I was seeing all these stories in the news about pit bulls mauling people and stuff like that... come to find out I move in and this very lovely spanish couple downstairs have a pitbull... and get this... his name is Castro. As in, Fidel Castro. Heheheheh. And Castro is hell bent on getting a piece of me, so I've decided to start studying the "dog whisperer show" to learn how to son Castro.

Lastly, Jay is coming out with a new album that is based off the movie "American Gangster" (starring Denzel Washington). The movie looks reeeeeally good. I bet it'll replace Scarface as the number 1 most imitated/admired/quoted movie in rap rhymes from here on out. I'm excited about the new Jay album. I think it'll be good - he's supposedly taking it back to "Reasonable Doubt" status, which should be refreshing. I'm ain't no drug dealer but what the hell :o)~

BUT I will say this. I heard the first single "Blue Magic", produced by Pharell, and I'm sorry but I don't like it. Anyone who knows me well knows that Jay is probably my favorite artist, ever, period, but I can't sit silent on this. For starters, Pharell needs to quit selling pipe dreams and calling them hot tracks. We still listen to them cuz it's Pharell, but the truth is they're not that good... or good at all... so he needs to fall back and cook something up. Secondly, as a Jay-Z fan, I need for him to PLEASE redeem the album with some sure fire bangers. Please. I can't defend mediocrity.

I'll only say this once becuz I don't wanna lose my status in the Young Hova Club. Jay, please bring the heat back. I mean, I refuse to believe that he's passed his prime. But then I think of the Michael Jordan comparisons, and even Jordan wasn't great forever, right? And that didn't diminish his status as the greatest ever in the game. I just hope this isn't Jay's "Washington Wizards" run, cuz I can't take it.

Oh well, at least we have a classic Kanye album to rock to in Graduation.
~ B.W.

P.S: Contrary to earlier reports, it's looking like I will be in New York City this weekend at the Nigerian Independence Day Parade/Events/Parties/etc. Sorry to my fans and friends in Houston and North Carolina... ur promoters just didn't make it happen.

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