Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Breaking News!!!!

Breaking News!!!

If you were lucky enough to have been in Lagos and tuned your radio in
to 93.7 fm yesterday afternoon, you would have caught the radio
premiere of the first two singles from Banky's "The W Experience"
album. It's official "Strong Ting" and "Lagos Party" have made their
debut and everyone's loving it.

The reviews thus far have been off the charts. Trust us the songs will
be coming to a radio station or ipod near you real soon, however if
you can't wait, you can hear both songs online now @

Or go to, or and search for Banky W's
profile to listen in. I can tell u that we here at EME are feeling
really excited about the feedback thus far... 'Gun says we're right
where we need to be. Hopefully y'all will feel like it was worth the

Plans for the videos are in full swing and Banky W will be shooting
"Strong Ting" any day now, no worries we'll keep the fans family in
the loop on everything going down.

For now please check out the new material online and give us some
feedback and support! Also please take 5 mins of ur day to vote for
Banky W on the following links:

Nigerian Entertainment Awards - - Scroll down to where
it says Vote Now! at the bottom of the page and vote for "Banky W" as
the Best International Artiste

Hip Hop World Awards -
Enter ur email address and vote for Banky W in "Best RnB/Pop Album",
"Best Vocal Performance (Male)" and "Hip Hop World Revelation"

That's all for now folks!!
~ E.M.Eazzyyy Representers.


Toluwa said...

awesome...happy for you!

9ja is obviously treating u good!

big ups!

PS...will be waiting for the vid. when will d album be available?

temi B roxx said...

LoVe! lOvE!! love!!! strong ting

good job banky!!

Anonymous said...

Really Tight!
Your voice gets me going, all the time, You really sabi how to push my button... make me go...!
Please make sure the video to the 'strong thing' song is clean so that I can savour it along with my kids.
Keep making good music that would stand the test of time and take care, be safe, ok?

Anya Posh said...

ok, put up more fotos Alhaji. This visual drought is too much.

Anonymous said...

jus gotta say i absolutely LOVE strong thing!! where can i download/buy d song, jus wanna show some luv:P

Avartsy said...

Strong Thing is a really hot it!

ibiluv said...


even if *u* cough dear-i'm lovin it

songs are HAWT!!!!!!!!!

i've gone all mush on *strong thing*!!!!!!

wienna said...

Lagos party has been playing non-stop on my PC. Well done boo.

Anonymous said...

i heard stong thing and belive me i think i came,i couldnt beleive hw much you ve improved,mayb cos since i moved to newyork its been like living in the cave man really are a blessing to our country,very proud of you.where can i get ur cd,cant stop playing strong thing on facebook

iEsquire said...

heard d new songs. really tight. keep it up bruv, we're watchin.

deola said...

Well done. I listened to it and it was too much. well done