Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random thoughts...

* My parents have been married 30 years. That's a very long time...

* It's tough to be with the same person every day, for the rest of ur life. Sh*t it's tough to be with the same person a couple days in a row without a break... may God help all of us make the right life-partner choice, I know I'm gonn need serious divine intervention.

* Spent the last week and a half with my family, which was great. Turns out momma still loves me (like she has any other choice right?) Nah but, we had some really good long discussions about my life... i won't bother sharing here.

* I'm the least good-looking member of my family. And I'm okay with this. Heheh.

* It's Banky W., as in WELLINGTON. Not West, NOT Williams, or White. WELLINGTON.

* I lost my voice in frustration during the Nigerian Olympic gold soccer match... my throat hasn't been the same since. Still congratulations to the soccer team sha, they tried.

* Reviews on the new video have been very positive. Thanx to the critics too. See, constructive criticism is kool. Senseless hating is just amusing. And it's fuel for motivation.

* Hi Haters! Get comfortable cuz I'll be here for a little while.

* I'm hoping 9ice's album will help me with my Yoruba. I'm studying it very seriously.

* I need to quit eating so much rice. I eat rice in some form, every day. Jollof rice, fried rice, white rice, chinese rice... RICE. Seriously. EVERY day. And i love it. I think I need professional help, this might be an addiction. Plus momma says I need a balanced diet.

* Dark Knight was a good movie. I think I'm gonn focus on being a movie star next. Say hi to the Nigerian Will Smith, ha.

* I wish they never shut down Caliente. We liked that place a lot. Hope Ruby gets another one up and running soon...

* Cities I miss in no particular order: Jo'burg, NYC, Toronto & Montreal, London. Need to go perform again...

* If u don't have the Mr Capable album, shame on u. :o)~

~ B.W.


uNWrItten* said...

the bank love it..
yea i feel u on the staying with one person thing, i guess human nature is such that we feel we have to explore..boredom always creeps in eventually..
i love the new video..congrats!

Anonymous said...

wow mehn...this is as random as it gets o...chai where I go start now sef...nie one on the kudos to the haters...I think I will be using that one very often!

hahaha...yeah 9ice's album is improving yoruba for all of us mehn...still havin trouble pronouncing adigun baale...

I have a Mr capable album so shame on u!

SPEECHgirl said...

'the bank statements'too bahd!

my parents are together as well, as are my uncles
makes me wonder...

ever after
what does it entail?
the answer is blowing in the wind, like the famous song says!

mums are built to always love us, mine rocks
but dont tell her i said so

lets be the judge of who is the least fine or cute or handsome or sexy, shall we?

wo, keep eating rice jare!
its just the best, lets not lie

Dark Knight wasnt a good movie
it was a FANTASTIC movie and all the actors killed it!
loved Heath of course, loved Bale, loved Caine, loved Maggie!

ive got two capable albums
do i get a prize?

banky w!
thanks for the cake and like u said to the haters, ure here to stay!
heres some yoruba for u to learn and accept


theChiaman said...

Mr Capable, brilliant album. I want to encourage u to keep blogging so bloggers like me will always have accurate information on u & ur career.I wish u all the best.
Check out when u have the time.

WeirdGurl said...

the sticking to one person thingy is not easy. i admire my parents too, they've been married for over 25 years & are still together. in our generation the world makes it harder. but hopefully our parent's values will help us stick it out till the end. love ur blog

Chris Ogunlowo said...

Hey Dude,

So you think 9ice's album is a good yoruba textbook! lol

ok, shame on me for not having Mr Capable album... and shame on you for not giving out free copies ;)

Wassup man?

Bunmmy said...

my parents have been together for over 40 years. you say u r d least good looking....hmmm

hehehe on the sticking to one person for life, it takes the grace of God.

Banky W said...

@ unwritten: thanxxx

@ chari: heheh thanx 4 coppin the album, and yes we are all learning from Mr. Alapomeji

@ speechgirl: as per the cake, ur so welcome :o)~ Next year it'll be 5 of 'em. Heh

@ the chiaman: thanx, i liked ur album review of naeto's record. Like I said I really like that album.

@ aloofar: shame on u still. Depending on where u are, it's either 10 dollars or a 150 naira... neither of which shld be an issue to someone of ur stature!!!! :o)~

Unknown said...

u liked the Dark Knight?..blah...i fell asleep during the movie (ok i should see it again maybe)

well almost every meal in naija is in some form of rice.....or carbs....

my parents have been together for 24yrs...and i still wonder how they do it

got the it...

WeirdGurl said...

ok. now i'm so bummed. u replied everyone but me. *sobs*

Banky W said...

@weirdgurl: honest mistake no vex :o(

first of all i agree with u 100% secondly, how come i can't read ur blog?

WeirdGurl said...

ok i won't vex :) :d

u can't read it?!
here are the links

Harry said...

I am so impressed by ur offense but i did not see u as d kind dats writes talkless of blogs...u are amazin..keep it up!

Yewande Atanda said...

My best naija ENTERTAINER in 2008:

3.Banky W
4.Olu maintain
9.Paul Play

I hav Mr. Capable so waz up?

theChiaman said...

Banky, thanks for the comment. i bought ur album Mr. Capable and i've been listening to it for weeks now.

U already know its impressive now, no need to tell u! Im in ghana at the moment and haven't had time to sit and speak authoritatively about ur work. But i will soon.

Thanks for good quality music. 'Break my heart' is a masterpiece. The sky is ur limit! Safe.

LG said...

lolll@ chari,
yeye boi

*banky norrin do u jare :)

Anonymous said...

Nice blog!! :)

P.s- You are talented.

Femi B said...

Shame on me, ive been looking for it oh...but if $1.00 = N116, then why should it be either $10.00 or N150...i know the answer but im only fussing.
I think we Nigerians need to all go to Rice Anonymous Meetings, cos it damn well affects all of us men.

Anonymous said...

Banky W,
You are sooooo fine!

Mz. Dee said...

dang.. banky u blog!!

I love the new video.. cant help but wish i was the gurl u kissed tho..

Quite a random post.. but a really lovely read!
Na u be oga jo..

Naija Idol said...

ah. someone said we shudnt do d groupie thing on ur blog.wat if others *cough* out there cant help it???????

Ive got d album. So shame on who nw????

btw, i agree with mz. dee.

Bombchell said...

hmm Ive always had an idealistic view of love. if its really love it'll be fine.

hmm what else is there to eat apart from rice? beans? fruits?

Mocha said...

Breaking News:

They used one of your songs during the BBA3 Highlight show!!!
I was sooooo voice was ON POINT!
You try no be small tin joo.

Mocha x

ibiluv said...

random post but cute.....

least good looking-since u are hawt-mi eyes will burn out if i see other members of ur

ur the chains

Mz. Dee said...

mhmm.. 9ja idol? Yarn wich part u agree with o! lol

Miss E said...

mine hav bn 30yrs too, thats lyk a whole lyftym n trust me, its nt beans at all. its really not easy n most tymz nt even worth it, i sure hope mine works owt neway. on the album,nice one o. u too try, abeg. as for the rice parolz, i guess we are all guilty so, notin do u. and the haters, in the wordz of Mr. alapomeeji, 'make dem talk'. its cos theyv neva seen an african do it lyk this. so, i bought the album, shud i b expectn a gift?

bumight said...

I've listened to most of 9ice's album and I must say his yoruba is deep! that's why I love him and Asa. There's definitely more to the man than Gongo Aso.

that being said, shame on me. I guess I need to rectify that and figure out what's more to Mr. Capable than Ebutte- meta.