Monday, February 4, 2008

Yes we can...

"we've been warned against offering people of this nation false hope... but in the unlikely story that is American... there has never been anything false about hope..."

Yes We can. This post is coming like a month too late, cuz if ur not already registered to vote in the primaries chances are it's too late in ur state... but if u are, go out and let ur voice be heard.
It's easier to sit back and not do sh*t. It's easier to sit back and complain.
But u see what's going on in the world around u... u see the economy, u see the fuel prices, u see the job market, u see the wars...

Be the change u want to see in ur world. Don't leave it up to everyone else.
Start by making urself and ur vote count.

Yes We can. 'Obama 2008. I believe.

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Anonymous said...

obama rock men!!!yes we! can yes we can!! we seriously need change!have u read his blueprint?d guy rock so jare