Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Random thoughts... again...

* So some people know I had a pretty intense battle with typhoid that left me in the hospital for a while... much better now thank God. BUT the silver lining is I just discovered the world's best weight loss plan. Typhoid, ladies and gentlemen. I lost 20 lbs!!!! In like 2 weeks. Crazy. Not that I had a lot of weight to lose, but still. Someone should tell Jenny Craig. Just ship the patients to Africa, have 'em eat and drink some random ish, then bring 'em back and hope they don't die first. Works like a charm.

* Thanx to everyone that came to see me in the hospital, or wrote, or called. I appreciate it. And I definitely appreciate all the juice. Apparently people bombard u with all kinds of juice when ur sick. And I LOVE it. Juice, flowers, and candy. I have plenty.

* Giants won. I will keep reminding u New Englanders of this, forever. Seriously. This will never end. At least not until the next superbowl. Ha!

* Anybody wanna sublet my beautiful crib in the Bronx NYC? Just asking.

* I really hope Obama wins the democratic nomination (and the presidential election later). Some people think that America will not vote in a black man. I don't know, maybe they're right. But I think it's bigger than him being black. In my humble opinion he's the most refreshing, inspiring candidate, and well equipped to bring about the change we desperately need. If he was white I'd still support him and his message of hope. Watch this video http://www.yeswecansong.com and see if u don't get moved urself. It almost seems like I'm catching a glimpse of how people felt when Martin Luther King or JFK spoke... i know that's a big statement, but it's how I feel. Hopefully y'all get inspired too.

* I think Lil' Wayne is gonn kill himself at an early age. He's too drugged up. Same thing goes for Amy Winehouse. I just don't see them living long lives... they living too reckless, there's only so much a body can take... it's sad, especially because they are incredibly talented.

* My sprint pocket pc blows. I shoulda just gone with the Treo.

* My sister's all married now. Too cute. I'm very happy for her and him. I think they make a good couple... like they compliment each other with their differences. It's cute. I'm waiting for my own better half. Mrs W where u at holla at me.

* I'm going to post most of the songs from the new album "Mr. Capable" on my blog: http://bankyw.blogspot.com for those of u that want to get a preview b4 u buy it. I'll also post pre-order links today. Hopefully y'all support ur boy and pick it up. It's a really, REALLY good album all around, I promise.


Unknown said...

patiently waiting for the album

and i KNOW it will do very well...they're jamming "Work You Out" a lot in naija (radio)....

Thank God you are better....a heavy dose of malaria can make you lose a lot of weight too....lol

Eni + Anu said...

Banky, I thought you were gonna name your blog 'Bank Statements' or one of the many names Temi B. suggested...

Nice blog though.


Banky W said...

@ scomiss: thanx my dear... i know malaria is gangsta too, but typhoid took the cake this time

@ david: I was... but i got over the whole name thing. Maybe I'll rename it though... depends on my mood. And yes, I just may have a minor case of ADD :o)

dScR?Be said...

didn't know u had a blog... eyah sorry about d typhoid.. I lost MADDD weight in 9ja too.. malaria i think

r u still in 9ja, have fun oh... and don't start comparing ur alum to anyone else's.

Bubblegum Thug said...

as per the Typhoid, sorry about it. It is good to know u are doing better now.
Yes oh ur sister and Her Mr. are a beautiful couple. I told the MR. that.

Your own Mrs. me be in front of you and you dont know it. Just keep it in prayer, God will send you the one meant for you.

Anonymous said...

thank God u are well...typhoid is not the best weight lost anything o!!!a friend lost his younger bro to typhoid last week!!!the young lad was not even 21 yet!!!!so just praise God you are alive and kicking..n take care of you

yes i am rooting for Obama...before nko?

Anonymous said...

wow!!! I really do think u look wonderful with a shaved head... Brings out your eyes.. lol.. Good thing that you are feeling better as well... Taking medication before u leave might actually be helpful... Loving ur newest CD.. keep doing what u do!!!