Saturday, October 4, 2008

More random thoughts...

* I'm hung over. Head aches suck.

* If I was God, I wouldn't love me so much.

* Thank God I'm not Him.

* I come on facebook chat for kicks. Not to conduct business or to submit/review proposals. We might be going too far with this whole facebook phenomenon.

* I miss my family. I have a new nephew. His name is Oluwatomisin. And he's adorable. And little. It's a beautiful thing to see. Makes me want to have some kids... but I gotta get married first.

* I think I should go to my mom's village and pick a wife. It's safe to say that it'd be hard to find someone to love you for you, after you become a semi-public personality. I figure I might as well accept my fate, go to my mom's village, and pick a wife that doesn't speak much english, is fluent in efik, can cook up a storm and work magic in the bedroom. Here's to me and Ekaete doing the jangorova on the kitchen table.

* I'm hungry. My stomach is screaming for pounded yam, egusi, and goat meat. Except there's no cook, and there's no way I'm getting off of this bed, or out of this house to order food.

* Things i miss about my old apartment in no particular order: 13ft ceilings, super high powered shower, and watching the nfl.

* I'm this close to tinting my car in Lagos, cuz it's getting harder to get around without people noticing. But I've always felt a certain way about things like that... like... you should never put rims on a crappy car, ur sound system shouldn't cost more than the car, etc. Same thing goes for tints, i figure if i'm tinting a car, it should in the very least be a new range rover, or sum'n like that. But I'm more into buying new houses than new cars right now. So maybe I will go ahead and do the tints. It's either that or I drive around with a ski mask on.

* I wanna go to cape town. And Vegas.


funkola said...

very random. lmao at u and ekaette doing the "jangorova".

ibiluv said...


.....finding someone who is intelligent,attractive and interested in moi alone is a daunting task and i aiint famous,so for you i CAN understand you needing to go get Ekaete....

wish u luck finding her.....

pls tint your windows but then again u CAN get the range rove.......most peeps in Lagos drive cars they have not fully paid for.....join the gang

i plan to join them soon.........*wink*....

Chris Ogunlowo said...


u'll be shocked that some of 'em village girls blog too. ur search has just begun ;)

Kemberly said...

Banky! I didn't know u had a blog?! Shame on me:(... Goodluck finding you "Efik" wife... I trust u guys will have many wild nights on the kitchen table!!! How have u been by the way?

Bookie19 said...

LOL@ Ekaete..Hope that works out for you fine but Im sure you not gonna do that cuz u will be bored after a yr...

U need to come back to NY soon..
Go get a range, Im sure you can afford it...

LivingLifeWithPurpose said...

Mhm!'s adding more luck to finding Ekaette. She's sure in for a good time and i hope you are ready for enoff jangorova my dear. Its form dusk till dawn oh! So be careful what you wish for.

Banky W said...

heheheh @ every body: y'all do know the village girl comment was partially just jokes right? i got all kinds of people writing, offering to pray for me and my soul mate so i don't have to resort to the village. I was kidding! SORT OF. Haha. I'm enjoying this...

@ Kemberly: Yes oh, I got a blog. Welcome. Although it's not going to be anywhere near as "fabulous" as urs, and I won't say "chineke" half as much as u do! Heheh. But umm, I still owe u a big thank u for contributing to nurse me during my sting with typhoid. I can't believe u saw me like that, aaargh.

@ ibiluv: I just might. Stay tuned :o)

@ aloofar: Shoooot what village YOU come from???

@ bookie19: yea u right I'd be bored, but it doesn't look like I'll be NY anytime soon. Lagos is being good to me.

@ Singlensassy: they call me Mr Capable for a reason, HAHA.

Miss E said...

ah ah now, bankole, y r u just tellin us that u are interested in village shalams? i wud hav hooked u up wiv my house help. wel, just incase ur still interested, shes kalaba, cooks well and knows the lyrics to capable and till my dyin day. who knows, she just myt be ur mrs.w. lol

Abujamaiden said...

"go to my mom's village, and pick a wife that doesn't speak much english, is fluent in efik, can cook up a storm and work magic in the bedroom."

That reminds me of Eddie Murphy's joke about African women coming from the bush.

At least ur Efik so its permitted. U're capable. Lol!

Abujamaiden said...

I love the Etisalat Ad!!! Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Omo banky don't have to go to your mummy's fillage o to pick a girl o. Dem be one fillage girl(half kogi/half abeokuta) who dey live for London. She no know how speak inglis well-well. She dey wait for a proper naija man to come pay her dowry quick-quick. Na so pidgin & yoruba she fit speak. Guess who it is....*wink*

Naija Idol said...

Banky... Looking for Ekaete????????????. CHINEKE!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, i dont blame u sha. as per

Guess u shud tint ur car cos of the whole lagos "craze", doesnt matter if its not a rover.guess it doesnt fall into ur scale of preference.

Toluwa said...

just found ur blog, and for sum reason i thot that if anything, u might want to be anonymous on here..

But its nice knowing u can be urself in blogsville sha!

Nice blog...Lmao @ aloofar!

exschoolnerd said...

a ski mask so not a good idea!! tint ur windows instead..

lol @ doing the jangorova with ekaete!!!

let us know how that works out for u..

SPEECHgirl said...

im never hung over

i knwo the feeling


i have a niece
she turned one

i think some of us make this lvoe and marriage thing a lot harder than it is
i doubt those that get married have three heads
they just get on with it

as per Ekaete, cd we make this a reality show

and u know what the solution to this is right/
pick me

oh wait


i dont know the jangrover

ure making me hungry

at least u had an aprtment!

i vote ski mask

no ditto
i just want to sleep

Tigeress said...

I totally agree with not buying a car system more expensive than the car- something my fellow Windy city south siders need to know.

As for tinting ur wa for this celebrity status (lol). My dear embrace it! and yeh, i reckon u shld tint it.

Vera Ezimora said...

Lemme know when you get the range rover. That is my DREAM car. I have been praying, praying, praying for it. So far, a range rover has not mysteriously landed in front of my house; I have no found keys to a range rover in my mailbox, and I have not won a range rover from a contest that I did not contest for.

.......*crossing fingers*

Thanx 4 stopping by my other blog. And here's the link to the very current one:

bumight said...

ok, you must have read my mind about putting rims and bad ass sound systems on crappy 1994 hondas!

lmao @ u and ekaete!

first time here, I think I'm just going to go ahead and subscribe to ur blog. this is as real as it gets! :)

Padosh said...

Lmao!!! Well as a celebrity u have reached the stage where certain behaviors which wen u were just a regular guy would have been termed "Madness" are now termed "Eccentricity" ..., u can safely find the Efik babe and who knows, maybe if u do it right after an album release and put in a song titled "love is blind" or "my village love affair" album sales will sky rocket!!!! lol

Look at Angelina and Brad..., she steal another woman husband after Mr and Mrs smith and instead of criticism them give them name Brangelina, (who knows we might just call u two BANKAETE).

Now everyone wants to be like them...., and her "eccentric" behavior of adopting anything that wears diapers, is from a 3rd world country or used to be married to someone else is applauded .

theicequeen said...

"Here's to me and Ekaete doing the jangorova on the kitchen table"

^^^ rotfLMAO!!!!!!! jangorova :))))))

Anonymous said...

OMG, do you see whats taking place in Syria? In spite of a brutal government crackdown, the demonstrations continue